Week 6 – Planning for the unknown

In Week 5 – UnderWay, we talked about how the online curriculum you have built will be used when students are in your class. The more significant concern is, what do you do when students aren’t on campus? The issue is not whether or not the class is set up (you’ve prepped your course and you have it in your online framework. It’s ready to go!), the real issue is how you ensure all students can access it.
Let’s focus on access to the internet, computers, technology, and paper packets.

Week 3 – Replication

This is the 4th post in a series of posts helping instructors prepare for the fall term. Over the past two weeks, readers have taken courses from concept or traditional face-to-face model and transferred it to the Outline. In this post readers are introduced to the nuts and bolts of adding content to their online course.

Week 2.5 – Course Design Models

This is a continuation of the “Week 2: Building one course” post.
In Week 2 readers created goals, checked they aligned with course topics, and read some light conversation about use of research in learning.
In “Week 2.5: Course design models” participants will read some models, thenl plan their course week, and finally, talk about resources.

The first post in this series is

Week 1 – Planning

Let’s plan the road trip – where do we start and we do we end?

The goal of Week 1 – Planning is for you to have thought through what is expected of you to be leading, and what you expect of your learners. Over this section you will be doing some formulating and recording of ideas (Course Outline Worksheet Step 1) , and editing those ideas into an overview (Course Outline Worksheet Step 2). The overview will be moved into a course structure next week.