Week 6 – Planning for the unknown

In Week 5 – UnderWay, we talked about how the online curriculum you have built will be used when students are in your class. The more significant concern is, what do you do when students aren’t on campus? The issue is not whether or not the class is set up (you’ve prepped your course and you have it in your online framework. It’s ready to go!), the real issue is how you ensure all students can access it.
Let’s focus on access to the internet, computers, technology, and paper packets.

Creating your online course for Fall 2020

No one knows what the fall term will look like, so how do you plan for it?

The positive is that you, the instructor, already know what you want people to learn. What this writing is about is how to allow you to deliver that instruction regardless of interruption. This is where using your knowledge with technology will make for a powerful dynamic…