No one knows what the fall term will look like, so how do you plan for it?

The positive is that you, the instructor, already know what you want people to learn. What this writing is about is how to allow you to deliver that instruction regardless of interruption. This is where using your knowledge with technology will make for a powerful dynamic.

Let’s redefine integrated technologies and classrooms. Let’s talk about tech fluency. Using technology can allow participants to use computers in class and other technologies at home. With the correct resources a student can stream comments from you and use worksheets to answer questions. How do we help students without computers, tablets, smartphones, or the internet at home?

So let’s take a look at what you can do right now to prep your classroom for an integrated, fluent, and fluid curriculum that will allow you and your students to succeed regardless of scenario. Let’s work to let students in your classroom be able to participate in the way that makes the most sense to them while still meeting your standards.

These ideas will be spread over 6 weeks. My goal is to give you the elements you need to create your online class and then talk about deploying what you have created. New articles will be delivered Thursdays the idea being you can read and share, internalize over the weekend, and start your work in earnest Monday.

Topics, what to expect, and schedule of delivery:

  • Week 1 – Planning – Tomorrow (June 2)
    • In order to be successful with instruction you need to know where you’re going
    • I will give worksheets you are able to download and use to build out your classes
    • Additionally, you can use the worksheets with your co-teaching team
  • Week 2 – Building one class – June 9
    • Instructional Design theory – participant choice, buy-in and metacognition
    • What are the tools you can use to create your bare bones
    • How do you flush it out to give participants more
  • Week 3 – Replication – June 16
    • Build out your remaining classes
    • Use lessons learned to create other courses that are needed for you and your students
    • Suggestions for instructors who teach multiple subjects to the same group of students
  • Week 4 – Live instruction – June 23
    • The benefit to starting the year off together
    • The give and take of working in flux
    • Allowing for help
  • Week 5 – Underway – June 30
    • What occurs during the school year
    • Maintaining your schedule
    • Creating communication for substitutes and other helpers
  • Week 6 – Planning for the unknown – August 6
    • Use of school 1-1 programs
    • Developing “used tech” programs
    • Options to deliver digital content to students without digital access

I look forward to sharing ideas, answering questions, and helping where I can.

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